Fuckbook Review: Is It Basically Beneficial For On the web Hookups?

Back when nearly the only location to find a romantic partner on the net was the common dating site, customers had been longing for something with significantly less commitment and more enjoyable. As a result, there are now dozens of adult dating web pages that let you to score a companion for a 1 evening stand or a casual sexual partnership.

Fuckbook is one particular of the oldest hookup internet sites on the web, but its reputation is not always spotless. Just before we dive deeper into the functionality of Fuckbook, let’s answer the most crucial query: what is Fuckbook?

You can get a pretty very good concept about the purpose of Fuckbook from its name. Basically, it is a web site that enables you to come across casual partners for sex. On the surface, it doesn’t stand out as well significantly from the competition, but a closer look at the site reveals a few standout features, and not in a good way.

How it operates

If you decide to become a fuckbook.com member, first, you will require to create an account. The excellent news is that it’s incredibly simple to become a Fuckbook member. All you have to have to do is deliver your e mail and username, choose your age, gender, and preferences, and you’re all set. There is no need to verify your account via email, although you will will need to answer additional inquiries when the registration is completed.

As soon as you lastly become a member, your quest for the perfect hookup partner can ultimately start. At 1st, you will see a timeline of users who are at the moment on the internet and have recently changed their status or uploaded images and videos. 

We want to warn you that this section of the internet site, as effectively as nearly all of Fuckbook, is completely not secure for operate. There are lots of nudity and very explicit profile photos scattered about the web-site. Plus, there are a lot of equally NSFW ads, so it’s very best not to open Fuckbook in public locations.

If you haven’t found any fascinating profiles in the timeline, you can click on Matches. Right here you will be shown the profiles of ladies in your area. If you are in the mood for a quick hookup, you can attempt getting a companion here, but it is unlikely that you will obtain results on the 1st attempt.

The next choice for locating a casual partner is the search feature. You can adjust the settings by choosing the important place and a handful of other options. We have to say that the search choice at Fuckbook is rather limited and only permits you to filter customers by a handful of parameters like age, ethnicity, and revenue.

Most of the communication at Fuck Book is performed by means of chats. As quickly as you sign up for the web site, you quickly begin receiving lots of messages from seemingly hot users. However, we have a lot of doubts that these members are 100% genuine, offered that you need to have to have a premium account in order to open those messages.

Who can you obtain there?

If you are pondering of signing up for Fuckbook, you in all probability have two essential concerns: is Fuckbook actual and are there genuine customers looking for a hookup? Though we are positive there are quite a few genuine users on the internet site, at least some of them are definitely fake. You will have to use your ideal judgement when browsing the member profiles at Fuckbook.

Typically, the choice of female members of Fuckbook seems rather side, despite the fact that there are far much more men than girls on the website. Depending on your location, you can get from a few dozen to a couple of hundreds of matches in your region. 

Most of the female members have suggestive profile photos and statuses indicating that they are right here to score a hookup. Having said that, with no way of telling which members are legit and which are fake, locating a genuine companion can prove rather challenging.


One of the most popular complaints about the service we’ve seen in Fuckbook reviews is that though the web-site is advertised as being free of charge, in reality you won’t get as well far without having a paid membership.

Technically, creating an account and browsing the members is accessible free of charge, but if you want to communicate directly with the members or even view the questionable incoming messages from seemingly fake profiles, you will have to splurge out on a membership.

A paid membership offers you access to numerous extra characteristics, but none of them are a worthy investment of your finances, in our opinion. You can select among a $29.95 month-to-month membership and a quarterly membership, which costs $14.95 per month.


The approach to security is probably the greatest cause why we don’t advocate Fuckbook to any one in our Fuckbook review. Not only is customer assistance nearly non-existent, but you also won’t have access to any security guides and tips.

In addition, when you first build your account, you require to accept the reality that your personal info and pictures can be used by third parties inside Fuckbook or even on the net. If you do not want to see your face in a Fuckbook ad somewhere on other websites, you must be cautious about sharing your private information and pictures.

Provided all of that, it is vital to answer the query: is Fuckbook a scam? When we personally wouldn’t go as far as calling the complete service a scam, it is undoubtedly not the most trustworthy adult dating service we’ve ever seen.


What is Fuckbook?

Fuckbook is an online service promising you a possibility to meet attractive members for casual sex or an affair.

Who can you uncover there?

The majority of users on Fuckbook are males and females up to 50 years of age. Most of them state they are hunting for casual meetings in their profiles, but some Fuckbook customers don’t thoughts really serious relationships.

How significantly does Fuckbook price?

Fuckbook presents only a single type of paid membership that will price you $29.95 per month or $44.85 for 90 days.

Is Fuckbook a scam?

There is a substantial element of Fuckbook customers who appear to be genuine, but we have also encountered a substantial quantity of certainly fake profiles and messages, which doesn’t enable us to contact Fuckbook one hundred% scam-free.

Who owns Fuckbook?

Fuckbook was launched in 2009 by a organization called Cargo Media AG. The firm is presently registered in Switzerland and there is a Swiss phone number you can contact for client assistance.

Does Fuckbook have a mobile app?

No, Fuckbook does not have any apps you can download to your mobile device, but you can run Fuckbook.com in your mobile browser.

How do I delete my Fuckbook account?

To remove your Fuckbook account from the web site, visit your Account Overview page, click the Delete My Account link, enter captcha, and your Fuckbook profile will be deleted. If you have already subscribed to a paid Fuckbook membership, you will need to cancel it separately.

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