XMeets Review: How Big Is Your Chance Of A Thriving Hookup?

If you are no stranger to on the web dating services, you most likely know about the big segment in the on-line dating market that is all about fast hookups and flirting. These adult dating sites provide a safe and effective platform for individuals who do not want to enter a really serious partnership and instead want to have enjoyable with no strings attached.

XMeets is trying extremely challenging to come to be the go-to adult dating website for the users, but there are adequate XMeets reviews to make us wonder: is XMeets real or is it all just 1 major plot to scam you out of money? We decided to take a closer look at the website, and right here is our XMeets review.

How it performs

When going to xmeets.com for the initially time, you can not assist but notice that this may be the most uninformative homepage in the history of dating web sites. There are no testimonials from the members, no description of features, no facts about the service — just the login button and the beginning of the registration type. Having said that, the spicy background image absolutely gives you an notion of what kind of website XMeets is.

In order to join the site, you only require to present a bare minimum of info, which currently makes us believe that XMeets is not seriously interested in finding out additional about their members. Nonetheless, you will need to confirm your profile by way of e-mail, and when you do that, you will be quickly taken to the account upgrade page, exactly where you will have a possibility to obtain a paid membership.

The 1st point you require to know just before exploring XMeets is that this website is entirely not safe for perform. In our practical experience, a lot more than half of the profile photos on the website include some kind of nudity and numerous of them depict genitalia, so this is undoubtedly not a site you would browse on your morning commute.

We identified the functionality of XMeets to be rather limited, though the profiles of girls are rather detailed. They contain the woman’s pictures, name, age, place, a self-written description, and her answers to the standard profile question. 

The get in touch with choices supplied by XMeets are surprisingly diverse and immediately remind you of regular dating websites. The choice to send a present is in particular surprising and a thing you would by no means expect to see on a hookup internet site.

Who can you come across there?

XMeets markets itself as the go-to service for the fans of on the internet dating, so how very good is its choice of girls?

There are numerous methods to explore the female members of XMeets, but most of them are either useless or require you to pay for your membership. For example, the standard search only enables you to search for females by a couple of default parameters, and if you want to access a much more detailed search, you will need to have to spend. The benefits of the search are displayed in a collage where you won’t come across anything other than the woman’s profile photo, nickname, and location.

The other alternative to browse the members is called Quickie, which works similarly to Tinder and other dating internet sites. Right here you can vote Yes or No on women’s photos, or open their complete profiles to obtain out extra about them.

The profiles of women at XMeets are surely produced to look very interested in swift hookups, but we have critical motives to believe that at least a element of these profiles is not genuine at all. Several of the females in the profiles appear like the members of the adult film industry, and even the ones that don’t, nonetheless do not look especially legit.


XMeets makes no secret of its desire to make you spend beginning from the initial day of your membership. Alternatively, the account upgrade page is the first point you see immediately after creating your account. The prices at XMeets appear reasonable, but only if you know you spend for a good quality service and access to true females. 

Sadly, that is not the case with XMeets. You can finish up paying $29.95 a month for access to the database of fake female profiles and not score a thriving hookup for months. XMeets does not even give you a likelihood to get acquainted with the internet site superior, like most adult dating internet sites do, and presents you a paid trial version alternatively of a no cost 1.


As we browsed additional and more women’s profiles, we became significantly less and much less convinced that 100% of them are genuine. In reality, “Is XMeets legit?” is 1 of the most popular questions asked by the customers of the internet site, and throughout our time on XMeets, the service failed to prove that it’s absolutely legit.

Even though browsing XMeets, you will probably get one message and chat request just after another. Even although our test profile was practically empty and didn’t contain any photographs, we still received lots of messages from ladies who were seemingly quite interested in meeting us. This is typically a sign of an untrustworthy dating web site and a explanation to leave it altogether.

So is XMeets a scam? There is some solid evidence pointing towards the positive answer. While we cannot confirm that XMeets is a total scam where you won’t discover any genuine female members, it undoubtedly does not look quite trustworthy.


What is XMeets?

XMeets is an on the internet hookup service that tries to lure you in by promising limitless hookup possibilities offered inside a couple of clicks.

Who can you uncover there?

On XMeets, you will find thousands of profiles of young and attractive girls, while we have a challenging time believing all of them are real.

How considerably does XMeets expense?

Depending on the membership length you select, the expense of working with the web site can range from $2.97 for 3 days to $69.96 for 6 months.

Is XMeets a scam?

We can not claim that XMeets is a complete scam, but its ratio of of course fake profiles to genuine members does not look fantastic for the service.

Who owns XMeets?

The XMeets web-site does not disclose any facts about the owner of the service and we could not find any ownership information on third-party web-sites.

Does XMeets have a mobile app?

No, XMeets does not present any downloadable apps for any mobile platform, which signifies you will have to use the internet site in your smartphone’s browser.

How do I delete my XMeets account?

When you are signed into XMeets, go to your Account Settings in the major component of the page. Uncover the Password and Privacy Settings section and click on the Delete My Login and Profile link. Confirm your selection to get rid of the profile from the web-site.

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